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Behind-the-scenes glimpse of The Great Deep

Ryan and Sandile composing lyrics.

IT’S been some five years in the making, but it is nice to know that the latest project of the RCB – The Great Deep – is imminent. (more…)

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Contemplations of the Great Deep


IT was an off-the-cuff decision. Three songs a month, for a year, 36 in total… “Hmmm, I wonder what Psalm 36 says…” You can read it for yourself. Opening the Bible has repercussions for your life, I have discovered, and I encourage you to do it. Basically it’s two parts: firstly how terrible the world […]

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What We Need To Be Free From

HAVE you ever woken up on any particular day and think that life is just too much? There’s just too […]

What’s your instinctive view of God?


UNDER pressure, we reveal our true belief of ourselves and our true belief of God. There’s no hiding it. If […]

What’s going on in your head?


I often go running with playlists of music that keep me moving faster than I would ordinarily, and listening to […]

A story about Graeme Pope-Ellis

Graeme Pope-Ellis

So in the midst of the my fitness programme, I try and keep some additional cardio going on. I generally […]