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I’ll meet you there
Between our dreams and our souls stripped bare
In the open air
You and I well we make quite a pair

And it’s not an average day
And you’re anything but okay

There’s a world outside that is yet to be seen
There are places in this life that we haven’t been
Rock to the rhythm of this busy city
The time is now and you look so pretty
We could start a life brand new tonight

Faith it seems
Could get us further than our wildest dreams
Through life’s extremes
A prayer and a choice is all we need

(Pre-Chorus & Chorus)

You never lose by loving
You always lose by holding back
Are we all so different after all?

(Pre-Chorus & Chorus)

from The Great Deep, track released 01 April 2014

Ryan Calder – Vocals & Guitar
Rudi Engelbrecht – Drums
Roberto Hemmero – Bass
Jon Calder – Piano & Keyboard

Additional Programming: Greg Welman & Brent Quinton

Recorded by Greg Welman.

Mixed and Mastered by Brent Quinton at Hit Record.

Written by Ryan Calder & Steve Wirth.

Produced by Ryan Calder Band.

Artwork: Rachel & Adam Calder.
Design: Ryan Calder.

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