I often go running with playlists of music that keep me moving faster than I would ordinarily, and listening to some new songs from artists I admire.

One song in particular has resonated with me – TobyMac’s ‘Speak Life’. There’s a line in the song which says:

“We can turn a heart with the words we say”.

I really like that line. Here’s why:

I think mental health is a big deal. The way in which you view the world is a big deal. We need an army of people who see the world through rose-tinted glasses. There are enough realists and cynics out there. Hope is a common denominator which should weave through our speech.



When you’re alone, with your own thoughts, what words do you use to string ideas together? Are they matter-of-fact? Or do they have emotion attached to them?

What shapes our thoughts?

You see, the people each of us hang out with shape our thoughts and our words. We become like each other. We begin to think similarly to each other. If you’re surrounded by moaners and groaners, that stuff begins to fill your head. If you hang out with people who are motivated, focused and positive, their habits will rub off on you and your own thinking. Who are the people you hang out with? Ever considered how they shape your thoughts?

The words we use shape our thoughts and direct our hearts. I’ve become acutely aware that the words in my head need to always be positive, outward-focused, good words. That’ll turn my heart constantly in the right direction.

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