HAVE you ever woken up on any particular day and think that life is just too much? There’s just too much coming at you, and you just don’t know how you are going to cope – the house is over-cluttered, the schedule is too chaotic, your health is failing, and you stood on the scale and it said “one at a time”… What do you do? Most people I ask generally respond along the lines of: “It would be so nice to just restart.” That is a typical response from today’s society. If the going is too hard, just opt out. Maybe start again, maybe try something else. If we’re honest, most of us have days like that. Those moments pile up against us until such time as we realise that it’s from a life lived in excess. Too much accumulation of things, food, commitments and material possessions. We find ourselves deep in debt, with no spare time in our schedules and cluttered in our homes and in our own headspace… I’d like to suggest a thought. Rather than throw in the towel, let’s decide what we need to be free from. The beautiful thing is, we can. In those moments, you can choose to simply change our own trajectory. There’s a movement called minimalism. It’s basically this idea – a life with less clutter, less distraction, and less aimlessness. Less of all the stuff that distracts us and in doing so, brings about more clarity and focus, spaciousness, and time to enjoy the adventure that life is. So the deliberate decision to clear the clutter, pay off the debt, focus on being healthy, and live less complicated opens up a variety of possibilities… by adjusting our life choices and minimizing everything else, we can choose the things that truly matter to us. So here are two things I think we should consider that we need to be free from. Material Possessions My mother in law has a saying: “If you don’t use it, lose it.” It’s a helpful way of clearing out. There’s an interesting thing I read on the CD cover insert of Jars Of Clay’s Who We Are Instead: “We originally heard this song on a Gavin Bryars recording (Gavin Bryars – Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet). It was a 72-minute loop of a homeless man singing this simple chorus over and over. The contrast of one so lowly expressing such certain and simple faith was and continues to be nothing short of astounding. The power of Gavin’s recording is a testimony to one of this world’s most profound and sacred mysteries: though they suffer… they have joy.” Unnecessary Commitments Perhaps our most precious commodity here on Earth is time. Mayeb it’s a symptom of getting older, but one of the big questions I ask myself at the moment is “Am I spending my time wisely?” Some things to consider: 1. How much TV do you watch per day? 2. Where you do spend most of your waking moments and with who? 3. If you have another 24 hours to live, what would you do with it? “Sometimes we need to shift our focus from what we’re cutting out of our lives or what we’re saying no to and look to what we’re making space for.” – Robin Shliakhau.

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