What kind of 82-year-old would you like to be?

M Y grandmother turned 82 today. It was beautiful watching her with my kids, unwrapping presents.

I asked her if she felt her age. She said, “Yes! Although in some ways… I don’t know…”

She paused, her eyes drifting off into the distance, revealing her thoughts lost in a decades of memories…

“I never dreamed I would end up 82 years old.”

There’s an important lesson in that.

What kind of 82-year-old would you like to be? Have you ever even considered it? Ever planned for it?

I first thought about this when Tam and I started the conversations about having kids. One of the main issues was that neither of us wanted to be old parents.

What if you live to be 82? What habits are you putting in place for that time? I’m not talking just diet and exercise…

Inspired by my grandmother, I’ve decided that when I get to 82, I want to be giving more of myself than I am now. That’s my goal, and so I need to start getting the habits right, now.

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