What gives you hope?

W HAT is it that gives you hope? Perhaps that sounds like a strange question, but I think it’s fundamental one to our existance. What is it that drives you? What is it that holds you back and puts the brakes on your plans? What is your ideal existance?

I’ve had to face a few demons recently. They’re oppressive buggers. The kind that fill your head with lies and tell you things like “there’s no hope for humanity” and “this is all there is to life” and “nothing will change… nothing will get better”.

I deal with those kinds of demons with a machine gun. I make sure there are enough holes in them so that they will disintegrate easily. But lately, they’ve been coming at me in vast quantities.

You see, here’s the problem: whether you believe it or not, we’re at war. It’s not like we live in a peaceful time. The demons are out there and they’re cynics, in vast numbers, and they’re the enemy of hope.

Hope is our ally. Hope is the reason to get up in the morning, and say “Let’s fight another day”.

And fight you have to. Whether you like it or not. There’s no opting out if you’re living on this Earth.

I’ve discovered what gives me hope. It’s when I can tell a story and paint a brighter future in someone else’s mind. On certain days, a really good idea is enough. It’s when I can say to someone, “you’re awesome” articulately enough that they actually believe it to be true, and run out to do the same for someone else.

At the top of the corporate pecking order, a survey was done among CEOs and top business executives.

The question these wealthy, successful business were asked was:

“What is it that drives you, now that you are the boss of everything?”

There was one distinct, clear answer, across the board: altruism. Every single one of them wanted to help someone.

This is what gives us hope. It’s that we are together, that we have the capacity to help each other, and that our life together can be better. So find out what makes you tick, what inspires you, and keep pushing for things that make the world a better place… and give the people around you some hope.

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