“WHAT are you are shooting for?” he asked me. Fair question. That’s the problem with these analytical types. You present them with an idea, and the response you get isn’t the run-of-the-mill “Sounds cool!” or “Awesome!”… instead, you get a “well… it depends.”

General Systems Theory. It was something I was introduced to in my post-graduate psychology degree. By crass definition in multiple fields, groups and individuals are considered as systems in homeostasis. Everything works to an equilibrium or outcome. So in other words, it’s an attempt to define everything, all-in-one. I can recall the lingo associated with it, terms like “feedback” and “entropy”. But most of it, summed up, could be defined as: “It depends…”

Explain why America invaded Afghanistan. According to systems theory, well, it depends. Which system would you like to look at it from? A political point of view? A domestic point of view? The answers are varied.

Explain why your wife just doesn’t see eye to eye with you on certain issues. Well, it depends at which level you’d like to analyze that statement.


General Systems Theory is for the academic, the analytical. And it is within this framework that I find myself with one of the best sound engineers in the business.

The path to success, in his mind, is measured along paths within a system. He’s a logician and a systematic worker. Things add up – they have meaning and reason.

What am I shooting for? That is a great question. Why 36 songs in year? Why make music?

Once I’ve answered that, then I get to issues like what kind of music I want to make, and what I hope to achieve.

On one level, it’s to keep me alive inside. On another level, it’s to influence the world outside.

I want to make music that people personalise, that gives hope and meaning to all of us. I want to make simple music. I want to see if there’s anyone out there who thinks the same way we do as a band.

I want to administer the gifts and talents given to me from heaven so that when I die, there’ll be good, positive evidence in the world as a result of their use.

I want to travel. I want to see the village outside of this one. I want to explore God’s earth. Having done all that, I want to make more music. Better music.

What am I shooting for? Well, what am I NOT shooting for? That’s probably a more apt question.

My poor bandmates. They have no idea what they’re in for.

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