Two Oceans

T HE plan was fairly robust, given the circumstances. Three hours and 10 minutes was the allotted time frame, and my plan was to use most of it for our 21.1km race.

The entrants for the Two Oceans half marathon included myself, my wife Tamlyn, brother Jon, dad Rob, my cousins Devon and Bronwyn, my uncle Gavin and family friends Guy and Matt.

Most of the gang were going to blaze a trail ahead, while my main objective was to get my wife over the finish line, with our marriage intact.

Given that you can actually walk the race (at a solid 9 minutes per kilometre) I worked out the splits as follows:


0-3km: mostly walking and moving around the crowd
3-11km: walking/running
11-21.1km: Run/walk

If we could get to the top of Southern Cross Drive (11.4km) in 90 minutes, and from there hopefully it would be a jog to the finish as long as Tam’s injured knee held out and I didn’t make any unhelpful comments along the way.

Suffice to say, we did it. We got over the line with 5 minutes to spare, and after a day of sleeping it off, we were already planning the next one.

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