There and back, to see how far it is

I T seemed like a good idea at the time. I received a phonecall requesting a revisit to Port Elizabeth, just two months after Jon and I had been there on the RCB Duo Tour.

My wife thought it was a good idea, so I saw a green light.

But due to many other circumstances, we spent 24 out of 42 hours on the road between Pietermaritzburg and Port Elizabeth, and in the process, I lost my voice.

So you drive 1000kms only to arrive not being able to sing. What to do? I delegated the job to Jon. His saucer-eyed response of “Oh, ok. No pressure!” would probably have deterred me on any other day, but this was our only option.

Needless to say, the young Calder rose to the challenge quicker than my kids can polish off ice-cream.

We then hopped in the car and drove back another 1000kms.



Most people say we were crazy to do so much mileage in such a short time. They’re right. We actually are crazy. The road is punishing when you do it for that long.

But there’s nothing like checking out the scenery of the South African countryside, and I am a sucker for a roadtrip. Hours on the road together is as much a part of being in a band as is performing.

On this occasion we were joined by one Patrick Meyer… filling in for Rudi on drums. Pat comes out of a hardcore background, similar to Rudi, and so his transition into the softer side of rock was seamless. We had 2000kms to talk music, styles, dreams and ideas. We went there and back and discovered it’s a long way.


Of course, the road inspires many new ideas, and I am constantly amazed at the diversity of both the terrain and the people in our beloved South Africa. Small towns which are booming, along with established cities like P.E. – which is actually a gem in South Africa. My notebook is full and the lyrics, while in the stages of infancy, will see the light of day soon.

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