The RCB and you

I FIND it quite amusing that artists who do not belong to a major record label call themselves “independent” artists.

I’ve unwittingly branded myself and our band in that category, until yesterday. I was thinking about what on Earth we’re trying to do here… and it all became clear.

When I was in Barcelona at the Future Music Forum, I found myself sitting in a room of major label people… some of the most influential people in the music business: Sony BMG, Universal, Warner Bros… they were all there. What was interesting was that they were all as interested in our band’s story and how I got there as I was in meeting them and asking them questions.

While that says something about the state of the music industry, I remember thinking, “How did I – a little musician from a little city in South Africa – end up in a place like this?”

It’s simple, really: there are other people who share in what we do.

I must say that the ideas here are not our own. My hope is that the content in this blog and in our music directs our thoughts a little higher, and causes us all to dig a little deeper. Hence the project title The Great Deep.

The point is: I am not independent of you, if you are reading this. Those who comment, share or like these things influence me. You tell me that we’re together on these ideas, that the things that are meaningful to me are equally meaningful to you… and the joy is in the journey together. There’s an understanding that we’re not alone.

So thank you for being part of the RCB. It’s great to share the journey together.

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