The dark parts inside of us

T HERE’S an article on The Guardian website about Oscar Pistorius, the gist of which is that we are human and we all have our flaws. It’s well worth a read, particularly if you are South African.

I am saddened by the whole thing. Whether he is guilty or not, things are not as they were. It’s nice having heroes, especially in this country. When they fall, it’s a shock and it’s not good for the national psyche. It looks like a bumpy ride for Oscar over the next little while, and thereafter he’ll have to pick up the pieces and start over.

But you have to consider… how hectic is life when you’re in the public eye?

Oprah made a comment in her interview with Lance Armstrong about fame. She said (paraphrasing) that the magnifying glass becomes exponentially bigger on all issues of your life.

Many of us will never really know or understand the kind of pressure that comes with being well known. I don’t imagine it to be fun or desirable.

Let’s forget about what the media is speculating about Oscar. The truth must come out in due course. Rather, let’s reflect on ourselves.

Imagine having your personal life make media headlines. Just imagine. What would your family think? Your friends? How would they react? Imagine your relationships – the ones that really matter – coming under strain.

No thank you, you might say. But how often do we skip over the very things that we shouldn’t allow to fester? Things like anger, unforgiveness, lust… unpleasant things in the light of day.

It’s unsettling having to face the realities of the dark parts inside of us. But how we face them is what has eternal consequence.

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