The call to be wild

G O wild, he said. Don’t let anything hold you back. Just go wild!

I’ve been contemplating those words and their implications for the last two months. On the one hand, there’s nothing more frightening. On the other hand, it’s liberty.

I like how C.S. Lewis describes the Aslan in The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. Loosely paraphrased:

He’s good. But he’s not tame.

Some time ago I was in a nature reserve and saw a kill in which a lioness and her two adolescent sons demolished a warthog. After they had had their fill, they stood and walked past the vehicle we were in. About two metres away. I remember the definition in their muscles, the low rumble in the gruff panting as they walked past. The sheer size of them. It was awesome. And those weren’t even fully grown!

Most of the people I hang out with are inspired by things that are wild. And for me, there is something inherently primal and equally fulfilling about a life that’s wild.

In the early days of our relationship, my wife and I were fairly raucous. I didn’t enter into it thinking it was going to be anything else. Our marriage vows deliberately included the word “adventure” in them. I remember the early years of our marriage, trying to negotiate the wild waters of togetherness.

And yet now more than ever, the call to be wild seems inherently strong.

There’s a spiritual call to be wilder, it seems. And I received confirmation of that this evening. I’m not altogether sure what that looks like or what it entails, but I know it’s imminent.

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