Studio progress 2

S O here we are… February.

Some of you will have noticed that no 3-song EP has yet been released this year. The reason is simple: we haven’t finished recording the songs yet. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that February will see the release of a 6-song EP to kick the year off.

January was a difficult month. The start of the year took a while to get going, with everyone returning at staggered times from their Christmas holidays . Some of the band didn’t have a holiday, which made it equally difficult to set up studio times.

But now that the ol’ diesel engine of the RCB is up and running again, it’s full steam ahead in the studio. So let me fill you in on what we’re doing.

Greg and I have been working – along with Rudi’s input – on recording guitar parts. The idea is that while we’re tracking guitars, Rudi trials a few beats and rhythms and we talk through the entire composition of a song, which makes it easier when we track drums later.

At this stage a lot of time and effort is spent talking and thinking through how we’re going to do it all. In many ways, it’s laborious and anything but glamorous… but Greg is very good at it and has made it all effortless for me.

We’re working on a song called Free, a sort of upbeat rock/dance tune inspired by the sounds and vibes of U2 and Coldplay. It’s a pretty straightforward guitar riff which the whole song rests on.

On Wednesday night Greg and I tracked the acoustic guitar and vocal for a song tentatively called Slow, which is the opposite – more along the lines of Damien Rice.

Next week will present new challenges where we start on new songs. Coming up with fresh ideas after long hot summer days is not for sissies… but no one has lost a limb yet. We’ll see how next week goes… no doubt it’ll be good for television.

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