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L AST night I drove across town for time in the studio with Greg, our new producer in the RCB. Rudi (a.k.a. “Benoni”) has known Greg (a.k.a. “Rooibaardt”) for all of a century, and I discovered last night just how lethal the two of them can be, in more ways than one.

I arrived just after 7.30pm, to see Greg unloading gear out of his car. In days gone by this would elicit visions of huge speakers and bags of cables. Now it entails a computer and a couple of apps.

Rooibaardt and I reflected on the day in which Maritzburg reached temperatures in excess of 45 degrees. Once the sun went down, it was a sultry 34 degrees.

A few moments later, Benoni came speeding up the hill in his truck. He hopped out the car and joined the conversation. We quickly contemplated stripping down to our jocks, and then got distracted talking business.

Greg is pedantic about his craft. This is good for the album. Not so good for my fingers or my voice. Poor Benoni sat through take after take after take of me trying to get my flippin guitar parts right. Then we started on the vocals.

By midnight, Benoni and I were spent. Greg was just warming up. We may need to approach Monster for sponsorship of some refreshments.

We worked on a track called Free. Musically, the goal in The Great Deep is to make the songs more energetic than the songs of On The Edge, so keeping the energy present in the recording process is important.

I’m learning about what my PRS electric guitar is capable of. It’s a whole new way of playing.

Also, we’ve got Greg on board, and he’s refining everything I do. I’m not used to being told how to play the tunes. Normally I’m telling Berto how the bass needs to sound or encouraging Benoni to be less Benoni on the drumkit…

Now I’m all humble and stuff.

But it’s progress. Roll on Monday.

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