Room for art

T HIS week was a productive one in the studio, and we’re making huge progress with the new songs. I remember one of my good friends who would often remind me that if it weren’t for last minutes, nothing would get done!

I don’t really like last-minute vibes… but there is something to be said for the results produced under pressure. In just four days, we have recorded, refined and tracked five new songs.

One of my comments to Greg was that we have to make room for art. In the process of getting things tight, keeping time with a metronome and executing precision, the quest for science overshadows the quest for art – and you can easily lose the reason why people listen to music in the first place.


In my car is a cassette tape of Elvis songs. It’s seriously vintage – worn and weathered, with some tracks are softer than others.┬áSome of the recordings were done in one take with a whole band gathered around a bunch of mics.

I never grow tired of listening to it. You can’t put a value on those songs – no-one can re-create them exactly like that group of musicians did.

I love that. Moments in time.

When recording, my instinct is that there must be some humanity in it. What I love about the tracks we’ve recorded is that they were recorded on hot February evenings in Maritzburg, and it’s impossible to recreate what has been done.

We’ll see what you think when they’re released.

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