Peace in the crazy

MANY people I bump into at the moment are saying that life is just crazy busy at the moment… I certainly understand what they mean. On more than one occasion it feels like going back to work on Monday is a relief from the craziness of the weekend!

It is a very easy and obvious choice then to yearn after palm tress, hammocks and beaches with no people around for absolute miles. We want solitude and comfort from the manic storm of life. You wake up and it’s basically 200km/h from the outset. How is one supposed to smell the roses along the way?

One of my friends had a profound insight. What we really need is peace, not comfort.

It is possible to be at peace while everything around you is very chaotic and busy.

The most vivid picture I have of this was at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, when South African swimmer Penny Heyns broke the world record for the 100-metre breaststroke.


The stadium was going crazy as she neared the finish, realising that the clock was ticking down and the previous world record was in trouble. The commentator was delirious. South Africans were yelling at their TV screens.

As she touched and turned around, with fans screaming and “New World Record” flashing across the big screen, the expression on her face left an impression on me…

She was dead calm.

No air punch, no psyched up celebrations like those you see on the track events or elsewhere. Just a calm, peaceful expression.

I’ve been doing a lot of swimming recently. It’s not a sport that you have to psych yourself up for. In fact, the opposite! You need steady, relaxed breathing to achieve the best results.

Big wave surfers go for professional training on remaining calm when they are plunged into the depths, just so that they can stay alive. It doesn’t help to panic, to react nervously… you have to stay calm to be preserve your heart rate and oxygen.

Likewise, in the craziness of life, it’s possible to have peace that surpasses all human understanding. Some people have it. And it’s those kind of people you want to spend time with.

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