Notes on Greg

G REG is a perfectionist. This is good news for fans. Bad news for me.

Let me tell you how the RCB came about. I have long held the belief that it’s better to do something – a sport, a hobby, a profession – with people who are are better at it than you are. So in our case, the musicians in the RCB are all more proficient and more talented than I am. I am the weak link.

So now in the studio, I’m realising there’s a lot of work to be done. My word, I have a lot of practising to do. I mean, really, I have a lot of practising to do.

Some of you sadists will be relishing this idea. The empathists (if that’s even a word) will be joining the “ag shame” parade. All I’m saying is that this is new terrain for me.

But enough self-pity… the focus here is growth, in more ways than one. And I am grateful we’ve got a guy like Greg on board.

gregFor the uninitiated, Greg is our new producer. He’s bald at the front and the back, pale in complexion, and rooi. Not ginger…. Rooi.

He’s not Afrikaans. He writes his own compositions on the heavier side of music. He’s single. And he’s damn good at what he does.

Here’s my version:

Greg hears stuff. He hears it as it is, and from there he sees the potential.

I’ll say that again: He hears it as it is. And then he sees the potential.

I’ve hung around some of the best producers in the business over the last decade. They don’t sugarcoat anything. They’ll tell you straight whether you can sing.

Greg – whether he knows it or not – is already a level beyond that, which means he’s willing to find the niche for what’s going on in front of him. If I start meddling in a vocal range I should never dabble in, and he hears it… I’ll be met with a: “Ooooh, I like that… now this time, I don’t want you to hold back. Try it again.”

For a recording artist, Greg is perfect. He comes with no previous accolades. He’s underground. He’s superb. He’s the real deal, and he doesn’t even know it.

And he makes my life difficult. So enough waffle… I’m going back to practice.

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