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I ‘VE been thinking about what we’re supposed to be doing as a band.

This is not something I take lightly. I’ll be very honest upfront and say that it would be easier to call it a day as the RCB. But we’re not.

So let me elaborate on a few things I’ve been thinking about considerably over the past 8 months.

The first is the decision to give away our music for free this year.

The big question here is “why?” – what on earth would make any self-respecting musician give away his or her craft for free? After all, electricians don’t generally come to your house and fix faulty wires for free. Supermarket managers dont allow you to just walk in, fetch your groceries, and walk out without paying. Why would musicians do it?

Good question, don’t you think?

I’m not about to analyze the state of the music industry in this blog post. I will only tell you why I am doing it, and why we as a band are working on this project in this way.

First up, God told me to do it.

Now if you’re a sceptic (atheist, agnostic or even just not-so-sure), this kind of statement will sound bonkers. In fact, it could lose me a lot of street cred with you. But let me explain…

The RCB’s journey has been, very simply, a journey of faith. The musicians in the RCB are people who are involved in my life more as family and friends than as RCB bandmates. We’re impeccably normal and flawed human beings. Especially Roberto.

So whatever small measure of success we have achieved so far has been beyond our own capability. For me, to turn my back on that process now would be band suicide.

The second thing is that I want to keep the main thing as the main thing. And the main thing is the message and the music.

Getting those two things out to people is the main thing. The RCB has a message. It’s in our own words and it’s a story that has our unique flavour. You might hear similar stories from other artists, similar themes, but our job is to do what we were supposed to do.

As consumers, the world’s population wants things to be simple. We don’t want everything in the process of service delivery or purchasing something to be a big schelp… it must be short and fast and easy.

So the RCB is giving away the music for free.

Yes, we have big overhead costs. No, we can’t afford it.

In many circles, this is considered bad business practice. In fact, some wouldn’t even call it business practice. (Some may want to contribute towards what we do – click here for the details.)

But I have faith, in God and in people. And like I said, the main thing is the message in the music. And I’m sticking to the main thing.

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