Fruitful about the inactivity

J ANUARY is a quiet time in the local music industry. Everyone is spent. The musicians have travelled throughout during December and are spent, tired and slightly circumspect about their chosen career. And the holiday makers have spent all their money. So the business goes quiet for a while.

I feel that there’s something fruitful about the inactivity. Some might say it’s bad for business, but I disagree. The process of reflection and planning ahead, songwriting and being creative, has proven to be best formed with the context of tranquillity. In an age of billboards, noise, frivolousness and shallow ideas, the world needs quality art. Musicians and artists need to focus on their craft, make good music and write good lyrics first and foremost.

I really appreciate a band who thinks about everything they do. From the kind of artwork they use to the way they engage online and in the media, I think you can tell a great band by these things. You can tell an amazing band in the way it presents the live show.

These things don’t usually just happen. They’re elements which require careful thought and strategy… and to do that, you need time off. It’s not easy to conjure up what the set list should be and what you’re gonna be wearing while you’re on the phone booking gigs.

This year is a strategic year for the RCB. Being creative is essentially what we’re supposed to be, as musicians. So 36 songs is actually a breeze, if that’s the case.

Lyrics are important to me. They take time. I write them, sing them every so often to Tam to get a feel for whether they’re cheese or whether there is any measure of depth to them. Tam has a good read on those things.

I’m always writing, always churning out lyrics. But now, this year, is a time to consolidate them. It’s time to make sense of the doodles, the hooks and the rhymes into coherent, decent ideas. Hopefully it translates well in the process.

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