Coping alone

I T was quite a powerful advert that caught my attention. The punch line was:

“She won’t remember him. But he’s given her a lifetime of memories.”

It got me thinking about how many blind spots we have.

Allow me to explain… if you’re able to drive, can you remember every last detail of wherever you went today? I mean, can you remember every car within vision? Every lamp post on the street side? Every traffic light? If you can remember it all vividly, then you’re other-worldly. The probability is that you can’t remember every last single detail. You may have daydreamed a bit at some point and not been as aware as you would have liked to have been.

In those moments – where you weren’t quite aware of everything – anything could have happened to you.

In many ways, we go through life blissfully unaware. We’re all completely¬†immune¬†through our ignorance to the sheer number of snares waiting to entangle us.

My question is: who is watching your back?

Yes, I guess it’s a spiritual question. But perhaps it goes to the heart of our human experience, which involves togetherness.

I like Sean Penn. The Oscar-winning actor has done a lot of humanitarian work and likes to do things “simply rather than being made complicated”.

He’s a bit rough around the edges, to put it politically correct. He has a steely gaze and seems generally grumpy.

Sean Penn on the Pier Morgan Tonight show.

Sean Penn on the Pier Morgan Tonight show.

I watched an interview with him and Piers Morgan a few years ago which shed light on his demeanour.

Morgan suggested to him that he “could be more media-friendly” and “less abrasive”.

Morgan said, “You can be less in people’s faces. You know, there is another way of doing this.”

Penn’s answer was, “It’s tough knowing this much.”

I chuckled. But his answer reflects his worldview. It’s not that it’s tough knowing this much. It’s tough if you have to deal with it on your own. So the issue is, how does he process all that baggage? Where does he leave it?

I would argue that neither Sean Penn nor anyone else has to cope alone.

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