Reflections on songwriting and relationships

I HAVE long since forgotten what my wife and I argued about in the initial days of our marriage. I’m pretty sure we would laugh at it now. I liken it to those photos of yourself taken 10 years ago… you laugh at the hairstyles, the fashion… and you secretly monitor how you’ve aged along the way. In other words, if you’re still wearing the same shirt and pants now that you were in the photo, there’s something seriously wrong!

Our relationships evolve through the years. What is comforting for me, however, is that my bride and I are on a journey, and there has been progress along that journey… we’re getting better at doing life together and we’re understanding our own limitations as well as our own abilities.

In a parallel universe, I feel the same way about songwriting. The lyrics hold a greater weight for me, the issues in the songs reach deeper into my own psyche, and the music must progress. The songs I write now, I would hope, are a shade better in their concept and execution.

This is new ground. Like in a marriage, there’s always something to learn and something that needs attention. And songwriting is the same. These new songs mirror what’s been happening in me as a person and as a singer and musician. I’m learning I’m a quiet person, and I benefit from a bit of calm and solitude every so often. I’m learning that I’m happier as an athlete, training solo out in the countryside covering long distances of trails and dam water.

I’m learning about overdrive, phasers, digital and analogue delays. I’m learning about breathing, about the larynx and about primal sound.

I like the old school acapella group singing. I like an anthem shredded well on an electric guitar. I like Tamlyn’s voice more now than ever. I’m happy to give any style of music a go.

Progress. It’s a good thing.



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