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Studio progress 2


SO here we are… February. Some of you will have noticed that no 3-song EP has yet been released this year. The reason is simple: we haven’t finished recording the songs yet. That’s the bad news. The good news is that February will see the release of a 6-song EP to kick the year off. […]

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What We Need To Be Free From

HAVE you ever woken up on any particular day and think that life is just too much? There’s just too […]

What’s your instinctive view of God?


UNDER pressure, we reveal our true belief of ourselves and our true belief of God. There’s no hiding it. If […]

What’s going on in your head?


I often go running with playlists of music that keep me moving faster than I would ordinarily, and listening to […]

A story about Graeme Pope-Ellis

Graeme Pope-Ellis

So in the midst of the my fitness programme, I try and keep some additional cardio going on. I generally […]