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Still haven’t found what I’m looking for


HOW do you deal with the mundane? I’m not very good at it. I think I’m much better at it than I was, but I’ll be honest and say in recent days, I’ve been feeling very restless. (Pardon the sobriety, it’s necessary.) Perhaps it’s the recording, the fact that it’s stretching us and taking longer than […]

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Just be present.


SANDRA made a comment on one of the previous blog posts: “you just have to be present”. It was in the context of parenthood and appreciating the moment you’re in. I’d like to share a story related to this. But first, a few things: Firstly, I’m recognising, as a parent, just how important being present […]

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What kind of 82-year-old would you like to be?


MY grandmother turned 82 today. It was beautiful watching her with my kids, unwrapping presents. I asked her if she felt her age. She said (more…)

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The dark parts inside of us


THERE’S an article on The Guardian website about Oscar Pistorius, the gist of which is that we are human and we all have our flaws. It’s well worth a read, particularly if you are South African. I am saddened by the whole thing. Whether he is guilty or not, things are not as they were. […]

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Room for art


THIS week was a productive one in the studio, and we’re making huge progress with the new songs. I remember one of my good friends who would often remind me that if it weren’t for last minutes, nothing would get done! I don’t really like last-minute vibes… but there is something to be said for […]

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Just like that


A few days ago a man was severed in half by a speeding car a couple of hundred metres away from where I was. (more…)

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Feisty little fella


The plan was to go to Coffeeberry and grab a snack and decent cappuchino. The problem is it’s right near a Marshall Music. “The musician’s curse”, as my good friend Doug Rodger puts it. You go out to get coffee, and you return with this: The Micro Terror, it’s called. Feisty little fella. Thanks to […]

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Rockets and dreams


WE were driving in the car the other day and from the cheap seats in the back came the question: “Dad, can we go into outer space one day?” “Yes, I don’t see why not,” I reply. “We’ll have to make space outfits.” “Yup, we definitely need one of those. Maybe mum can help us,” […]

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Coping alone

Sean Penn on the Pier Morgan Tonight show.

IT was quite a powerful advert that caught my attention. The punch line was: “She won’t remember him. But he’s given her a lifetime of memories.” (more…)

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Don’t let your heart grow old

(From left) Uncle David Cowie, me, Uncle Colin Simpkins and Grandad (Bob Simpkins).

IT is possible for your heart not to grow old. I’m not talking physically, but emotionally and spiritually. (more…)

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What We Need To Be Free From

HAVE you ever woken up on any particular day and think that life is just too much? There’s just too […]

What’s your instinctive view of God?


UNDER pressure, we reveal our true belief of ourselves and our true belief of God. There’s no hiding it. If […]

What’s going on in your head?

I often go running with playlists of music that keep me moving faster than I would ordinarily, and listening to […]

A story about Graeme Pope-Ellis

So in the midst of the my fitness programme, I try and keep some additional cardio going on. I generally […]