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Lance’s life lesson to us all


TONIGHT was a landmark night. On television, the worldwide exclusive interview between Lance Armstrong and Oprah Winfrey aired. In Pietermaritzburg, there was a church leaders’ gathering in Bisley. I was at the latter, but recorded and am now watching the interview. I am intrigued watching the Lance interview. In it, he talks about the desire […]

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When a plan comes together


IT’S a little while after New Year resolutions. How’re yours going? I delayed making mine. I like the process of reflection, checking in on how things are and appreciating the season. I get grumpy when I don’t get time to pause and take stock, and plot a strategy. I like strategy. I grew up watching […]

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Time to go back to school


SO school is back and many a parent is breathing a sigh of relief, given the lengthy holidays we’ve just had on the South African calendar. I was on the front line of welcoming parents and kids on the first day of the school I work at. A child’s first day of school, for many parents, can […]

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Curious about the deep


THERE’S something beautiful in the hearts of young children. They’re so uninhibited in their thinking and in their view of the world. If they think it’s awesome, you can see it in their expression. If they’re sad, you know all about it. If they’re curious, it’s pretty easy to tell. The picture for this blog […]

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WHEN was the last time you had to be truly courageous? When was the last time you had to overcome your fear and stand your ground? Or better still – when was the last time you had to overcome your fear and advance your ground? I’ve been searching my own heart on this issue since […]

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One thing we can learn from The Hobbit


I was made to watch the Hobbit yesterday. Some of you might find that to be an incoherent statement. How do you get “made” to watch an epic Peter Jackson movie? Surely you want to watch a film like that? Well, yes. And, no. I was a bit incensed when I found out that it’s […]

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Discipline: A Bygone Art


THERE’S something to be said for discipline. I think it’s a bit of a bygone idea in today’s world. I’m not talking about punishment… rather, the process of sticking to a plan, of training in accordance to a set of rules. Of sticking to a regimen that develops or improves a skill. Shaun Pollock posted this on […]

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A like, a retweet… or something more


WHAT does it take to elicit comments from an online reader? Have you ever thought about it? It’s all rather strange, actually. In many ways, the persona we are online is not the person we are in a room of people. It’s all a bit odd actually. But I digress… What I’d like to focus […]

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Never really settled down

Anyone up for a ride?

PERSONALLY, I’ve never really understood the term “settle down” when it comes to getting married and having kids. I mean, I get what it means, but it just hasn’t been my experience. First of all, you get the impression from the term “settle down” that once you’re wedded, you can stop trying to impress, shine-up […]

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The importance of not being impressive


“WHY do you have to blog every day?” my wife asks me as she’s going to bed. Ridiculous question deserves a ridiculous answer. “So it can seem very impressive,” I reply. She obviously wasn’t expecting that answer, because she repeated it to me with a who-on-earth-do-you-think-you-are type of tone. “You want it to be impressive?” […]

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What We Need To Be Free From

HAVE you ever woken up on any particular day and think that life is just too much? There’s just too […]

What’s your instinctive view of God?


UNDER pressure, we reveal our true belief of ourselves and our true belief of God. There’s no hiding it. If […]

What’s going on in your head?


I often go running with playlists of music that keep me moving faster than I would ordinarily, and listening to […]

A story about Graeme Pope-Ellis

Graeme Pope-Ellis

So in the midst of the my fitness programme, I try and keep some additional cardio going on. I generally […]